Dream Baby

Dream Baby


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Have you ever heard of a Dream baby? It's something I created for my Mila. She had been having horrible dreams, night after night and I so wanted to help her in some way.

The way a dream baby works is pretty similar to a worry doll. However, instead of telling it worries, you create a story with your dream baby and act out a dream you WANT to have. Then you tuck your dream baby back into their box and you drift off to sleep. It has legit helped my little one the past few weeks and so I just wanted to share with you guys as well.

This sweet baby is part of our last hoorah PREORDER and will be available to begin shipping in late June/July 2022. 

Please be aware that I am only sewing two days a week at this time and this turnaround time could possibly be a few weeks longer and head into late July and early August. You will be able to see updates bi-weekly over on bitsyworld.blog. 

This is the LAST chance of 2022 to get a Bitsy. We will be back next year in some form.