Arlo the Brown Bear

Arlo the Brown Bear


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Say hello to Arlo! He's one of the most adventurous bears you will ever meet. Not only is he super kind but he also cares about all the nature around him and is a master Gardner. He loves honey so much that he even has his own bee hives he cares for. It's a match made in heaven. 

Arlo is crafted from organic fleece and his little outfit is made from hand dyed organic cotton and felt fabric.  His scarf is created from scrap fabric and you can be sure nothing yucky for the environment went into bringing him to life. 

He stands 5 inches tall and has all hand embroidered details so there are no small or sharp parts on him. 

Arlo is recommended for 3+ because his little outfit is removable.

This sweet guy is part of our last hoorah PREORDER and will be available to begin shipping in late June/July 2022. 

Please be aware that I am only sewing two days a week at this time and this turnaround time could possibly be a few weeks longer and head into late July and early August. You will be able to see updates bi-weekly over on 

This is the LAST chance of 2022 to get a Bitsy. We will be back next year in some form.