New to Floral & Fawna?

Are you new to Floral and Fawna Co? Here are some of my most asked questions to help you out! 

What are the different sizes of critters that you offer?

There are three sizes. The regular, the toddler and the teeny! The regular are 5 inches tall, the toddlers are 4 inches and the teeny's are 3 inches. You can see how they compare below! 

Will your critters fit 1:12 scale dollhouse furniture? 

The answer is yes! I created these guys to fit into 1:12 scale furniture and dollhouses. We love PlanToys and Hape Toys and there are also a TON of handmade shops out there as well. ( Guide coming soon) 

Why am I not seeing any available critters? 

If you have come to visit us and aren't able to see any available critters, It is because they are all sold out at the time. In order to ensure the best customer experience, I offer ready to ship items only. This usually means that items tend to sell out quickly but don't worry, each week I will have more! Be sure to sign up for my emails so you can catch the next drop! 

What are the critters made from?

My little guys are all made from organic, eco-friendly and upcycled fabrics. Here at Floral & Fawna Co. Headquarters, we try to live a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle, as much as we possibly can. I want to teach my little one to take care of nature and the REAL life critters as well. 

It says ready to ship, so why does it take up to 4 business days until shipment? 

I am, for the most part, a one woman show. I am also a full time Mommy to a very active two year old so sometimes it takes me a bit to get everything all packaged up and looking pretty for you guys. Just know that my aim is to get your friends out to you as quickly as possible and I will always do my best to personally inform you of any delays.

Need a bit more info? No problem. Shoot me an email below and I will get back to you as soon as I can!