Travel Dollhouse

I wanted to share with you guys the little on-the-go dollhouse I put together for Mila last night. I had found these cute little storage cases, on amazon awhile back and had planned on using them just to hold all of Mila's critters but then decided I had to take it a step farther. 
Mila has taken to liking my vintage Polly Pocket dolls but she keeps losing them because, well, she's two (hahahaha) and they are just so dang small. I thought this little suitcase house would be a good alternative until she's a bit older and I am so happy I finally pieced it all together becuase it came out so cute and she is OBSESSED with it. 
Since the set came with three cases I plan on putting together a few more as well so stay tuned. 
I found the bed, chair and vanity on the Facebook marketplace and it truly was such a beautiful find. They are such cute pieces and are the perfect size for our teeny baby critters. I made the bedding and rug with scrap fabric I had on hand and I also made the little bookcase and side table, using scraps from the recycle bin. 
If you want to put together your own little on-the-go house, I've included links on where you can find everything to get started. The doll furniture I used is antique but I have included a few of our favorite dollhouse furniture sites. 
Storage Suitcases - Amazon
Baby Hedgehog- Floral & Fawna Co.
Dollhouse furniture -DollhouseDesign
I will be back real soon with tutorials on creating dollhouse furniture using recycled items! It's going to get really fun around here.

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