The Best Dollhouse For Your Farm Friends

I am so very excited to introduce the new barnyard critters to you guys! This collection has been in the works since December, when I fell in love with the wooden barn from Melisa & Doug. It truly is a beautiful piece and I know my Mila will love it for years to come. 
I found so many cute accessories to go with the barn and just had to scoop them up! They were the PERFECT size for our critters and oh so much fun! 
This little garden set is from Plan toys and is probably My daughters favorite! It came with a little wheel barrow, garden + veggies and a teeny watering can. So adorable right?
This little tractor set is from Hape Toys and is the perfect size for our teeny critters. Its just such a fun piece and so beautifully made. 
You can find all the farm critters be heading to our Farm Friends collection page! 
Mila and I hope that you LOVE our new Barnyard Collection and that you find a new friend that you love! We would love to see your dollhouse set ups too! Tag us on Instagram @floralandfawna so we can see all the fun you create! 
Playtime is such a HUGE part of the learning process and Im so happy to be able to provide these fun critters for you and your little ones. We hope you love them as much as my Mila and I do! 
Nia + Mila 

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