Nature's Rainbow

I have been getting lots of questions about our dye process and so I thought I would put together a quick post and give you guys some of the fun details! 
In all honesty, I just don't have the time to dye ALL the fabric I use but I do love dying most of the fabric I use for the critters outfits and I am really finding that the process is pretty relaxing and I am having so much fun with it.
For this round of fabrics, we used cabbage, turmeric and avocado's! 
The colors turned out amazing and no yucky chemicals were used in the process. 
1. Cabbage with baking soda on muslin // 2. Cabbage with baking soda on organic cotton // 3. Cabbage water, muslin // 4. Cabbage water, organic cotton // 5. Cabbage and vinegar on organic knit // 6. Cabbage and vinegar on organic cotton
Aren't these colors so soft and amazing? 
I was so inspired and am just in awe that one can cook up such beautiful hues in the kitchen. I love that it adds such a special touch. 
1. Avocado // 2. Turmeric // 3. Cabbage // 4. cabbage and baking soda // 5. Cabbage and vinegar 
Fun Fact: I came up with the name Floral & Fawna Co. because it was a play on Flora and Fauna which is plant and animal life. I have always had fun experimenting with dye and so when I was dreaming up this brand I thought it would be fun to use naturally dyed fabrics with the critters...hence the "Floral and Fawna" name idea. Fun huh? 
I hope you have enjoyed going behind the scenes and learning a tad bit about our process. Keep those questions coming and I will be happy to answer them all! 

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