Mila's Backpack Dollhouse

You Guys! I am so excited to share the new "dollhouse" I designed for our upcoming vacation. It will be Mila's first time on a plane and I wanted to create something special to keep her from just being on the ipad the whole time. 
She is about to be three and is OBSESSED with backpacks ( thanks to her school aged cousins) and so I knew I wanted to incorporate that somehow. She loves her critters and so they would also need to be a huge part of our travel as well.
It took awhile but I finally came up with a design I loved and I hope you guys do too!
At first glance it's just a little backpack......
But once you unzip the sides, something magical happens......
There is a teeny bathtub, a spacious kitchen with a refrigerator, a sitting area and a bedroom with a snuggly bed and a wardrobe for storing all the critter outfits! Its my childhood dreams come true and when I showed Mila, her little face lit up and she immediately started playing and exploring. 
My Momma heart is oh so happy and I can't wait to test this new design out during our travels! 
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Nia + Mila 


  • Love this its Sweet would love to get one

    lori planken
  • Ohhh I need to order this for Christmas too!! Put me on the list!

    Sarah Bujanda
  • I’d like to be on the list if there’s a pre-order! #christmasgift

  • So cute! Can’t wait to order!

    Stephanie abramovici
  • This is incredible!! I definitely need for my daughter and would love for my niece that’s on the way!!


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