We are now BITSY WORLD

You can read more about this change by heading to Bitsyworld.blog

We will be merging the two sites very soon. Stay tuned.......


Handmade Goodness

Each little critter is lovingly handmade, with great attention to detail.

Safe for small hands

All details are embroidered on so there are no hard elements that could present a choking hazard.

Hand Dyed Fabrics

Lovingly Handcrafted

Eco Friendly Packaging

All of our packaging is either reusable, recyclable and or biodegradable. We LOVE all critters and want to do our best to protect and conserve their homes by reducing waste as much as possible. 

New To Floral & Fawna Co?

New customers can take 15% off their entire first order by using the code : New at checkout. We hope you find a new friend! 

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